субота, 25 червня 2011 р.

The Separation - No Exit LP (2009)

This LP is a part of my order from Glory Kid Records.I like the sound of The Separation from Redding, California. They blanded styles of chaotic metal with the relentlessness of mid-late 90’s dark fast hardcore. Group broke up in 2010.
The Separation has been influenced by trial, acme, catharsis, neurosis, chokehold, his hero is gone, amebix, minor threat, unbroken, left for dead, gehenna, orchid.
Album has been recorded at the Atomic Garden. Vinyl has been pressed in 100 in Gold(pre-order edition) and 400 Clear Red

субота, 18 червня 2011 р.

середа, 15 червня 2011 р.

Killing Years - Demo (2011)

Group from Cincinnati has uploaded their new four-songs demo on Bandcamp. Kevin Byers from Morning Again took part in recording the first song of this release. Killing Years play music in vein of Strongarm and old Shai Hulud. StereoKiller.com has written: "Killing Years play a very dark brand of metallic hardcore influenced heavily by bands like Strongarm and Morning Again. Melodic, yet heavy and sometimes dissonant riffs accompany the very dark and personal lyrics"

понеділок, 13 червня 2011 р.

Ark Of The Covenant - Demo (2010)

Ark of the Covenant was a CCHC band playing 90's influenced metallic hardcore in the vein of Morning Again and Arkangel. They started to play in 2009 and recently broke up. Group released split with Abolition and Demo during this years. I like their music so I ordered Demo 3x7 colour vinyl bundle a few month ago. 
Demo was pressed by Thirty Days Of Night Records in three colors: green/blue limited to 200, White w/ Green/Blue Splatter limited to 200 and limited to 100 black pieces.

На Выжженной Земле (On Burnt Ground) - Demo (2011)

Young group from Russia recorded five-songs demo under the influece of  mid 90s new school hardcore, late 90s/00s european metal and some norwegian black metal.

неділя, 12 червня 2011 р.

Blue Water Boy – Self Titled LP (Dead End Records)

At first I'd like to say that Blue Water Boy is one of  my favourite emo hardcore groups. I'd searched this release on vinyl for a long time. Finally I've found it on German ebay.
Blue Water Boy was a vegan straight edge band from Switzerland that existed from 1997 to 2001. The band then changed it's name on Crush My Calm and started to play another music.
This LP was the first release of  Dead End Records. Vinyl has been pressed in two colors: black and clear/orange limited to 103 handnumbered pieces.

Blue Water Boy has been influenced by Rites Of Spring, Anasarca, Navio Forge, Moss Icon, The Hated, Embrace, Closure, Youth Of Today, Judge, Gorilla Biscuits, Insted, Endpoint, Outspoken.

субота, 11 червня 2011 р.

Still - Anger Of The Past EP (2011)

Still has uploaded great new EP at their Bandcamp page. Best music from Odessa, Ukraine. Check it.

Contra Todos Mis Miedos - “Colera” 7inch (Amendment Records)

“Colera” is the eleventh release of  Amendment Records. The first time i've heard songs from this 7inch on label sampler and those were great. Contra Todos Mis Miedos' music has been influenced by Refused, Snapcase and Unbroken etc. However their sound is original. “Colera” is one of the best realeses of 2011 for me and i've allready ordered it.
Amendment Records wrote on their page: "This EP is in equal parts: aggressiveness, urgency and clarity... The message through their lyrics is very easy to comprehend. These, relate in 1st person about someone who recognizes himself as a victim of constant brainwashing by this society, and his desperate desire to escape."
 Vinyl has been pressed in 16 test press, 35 black with “south american tour 2011” stamped labels and green background covers, 138 yellow, 400 black pieces.
You can order it on Amendment Records

неділя, 5 червня 2011 р.

Set Adrift ''From The Inside...Into Nowhere'' Pre-Order on One Truth Records

90's influenced newschool hardcore from Ukraine in the vein of Outspoken, Mean Season, The Supression Swing, Stronghold, Drift Again available on vinyl now.

Calma has uploaded "Tristezas de la tarde" at Bandcamp

Calma the young band from Buenos Aires has uploaded awesome first song at their bandcamp page. Four Walls Falling, Mean season, Threadbare, Endpoint, Another wall, Undertow, Eternidad, Bhakti and Deftones have influenced their music. Check it.

Jawbone - Loss Of Innocence 7inch on Blood & Ink Records

Jawbone music recalls the '90s heavier hitters, both in sonic texture and lyrical potency. But don't be mistaken... despite blending chaotic, somewhat metallic influences into their music, these boys from Indiana are most certainly hardcore, never succumbing to the trite "metalcore" sound. Fans of Advent, "Jane Doe" era Converge, and Turmoil take note.
Pressing inforvation
Test Pressing
15 test pressings (numbered – test press cover)

1st Pressing
54 black
153 clear/black mix
304 clear red/black mix

Entrefuego - El Espíritu Intacto, La Esperanza De Pié (EP) - 2010

01. Caminaré
02. Heridas
03. Verdades Negociables