середа, 10 серпня 2011 р.

субота, 6 серпня 2011 р.

Abolition LP + Shirt pre-order and new song at Bandcamp page

If you like this band from London, you can pre-order their Lp that will be released at Holy Roar Records in autumn.
Also Abolition has uploaded new song "Ruin" at their Bandcamp page. Chek it.
They are in european tour now. Abolition has already played in Germany, Belgium, Hungury. Today they play in Kiev, Ukraine and i'm going to visit their show.

понеділок, 11 липня 2011 р.

Temperance - s/t 7inch (1995 / Сonversion records)

As for me, this record is one of the best hardcore releases of 90's. There is my favourite song "haunted" on this vinyl.
Songs for this 7inch were recorded between december 1994 and february 1995 at Danger Multitrack Recording, Providence, US.
Record was released by Сonversion records in 1995 on vinyl and CD. CDEP version includes more songs.