субота, 25 червня 2011 р.

The Separation - No Exit LP (2009)

This LP is a part of my order from Glory Kid Records.I like the sound of The Separation from Redding, California. They blanded styles of chaotic metal with the relentlessness of mid-late 90’s dark fast hardcore. Group broke up in 2010.
The Separation has been influenced by trial, acme, catharsis, neurosis, chokehold, his hero is gone, amebix, minor threat, unbroken, left for dead, gehenna, orchid.
Album has been recorded at the Atomic Garden. Vinyl has been pressed in 100 in Gold(pre-order edition) and 400 Clear Red

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  1. love the post. great label and a dude (Andy Glory Kid) who i consider honored to call a friend. The Sep was a great band too. Do you also have their split with Restrained? Very good as well.